Bernie ☟


 When my sons were newborns they responded to Bernie’s voice, that’s how much I loved this man. I chased his television show through every time slot change, I can recite his set from Kings of Comedy backwards, to say I’m a fan is an understatement.  He didn’t even have to speak to make me laugh.  The way he shifted his eyes, the way he grinned after a a punch line was comic perfection.  I am shocked an genuinely hurt by his loss and I can only hope that his death will bring his work the attention it has always deserved.


Beach ☟


 I want my sons to love our California as much as I do.  As you know most of it is sun, sand and surf. I cringe at the thought of prematurely aging skin, and sand on EVERYTHING.  Still once a year I suck it up and hit the beach with a smile and a thong bikini look ☟


It seems my sons are more like me than I thought. SCORE!