Location-Southern California

Food– YES

Music-U2, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Sufjan Stevens, Stevie Wonder, Juanes, The Shins, Julieta Venegas

Movies-Amelie, Punch Drunk Love, Big Fish, The Color Purple, Bridget Jones, Anything w/ Will Ferrel 

Books-Confessions of a Shopaholic, Anything by David Sedaris, Marie Claire, 100 Years of Solitude

-In my previous life I was a fashion merchandiser  for the hoity’est toity’est stores boutiques around.  I was always primped to the 9.  I knew I’d be a mom someday, but I swore I’d never be the frumpy dumpy mom that I’ve become.  I’m why sexy left.

Thing to know about ME!☟

– I was born in the O.C, and raised in the I.E ( Don’t expect Fox to make a show about the I.E though.  So un sexy)

-My husband is Colombian, I’m Mexican.   I live in Spanish, dream in French, and blog in English.

-We live in an Everybody Loves Raymond situation.  I am  Raymond, and my mom, our neighbor across the lawn, is definitely Marie.

-Ellipsis-it’s my favorite punctuation mark… it’s why I blog, really… I’ve noticed people usually have some monumental reason for starting a blog… I just like writing… I like punctuation marks…I like ellipsis!…

– I refuse to participate in this sushi trend


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