Bee stings & Birthdays☟

Do they give out Oscars for slideshows?  Holla!



Do you watch this?  Intervention on A&E.  Riveting television.  Love me some crackies. Great.  Happy ending, unhappy ending equally gratifying.  What I don’t find gratifying is when they end the show with-

     John has been sober since July 15, 2008

WTF!  July 15.  That’s yesterday!  I’ve been sitting here watching this show longer than that.  John’s probably shooting up as we speak…what a jip.



Me-Why’d you change the channel?!?

Andres-  Your on the computer!

Me-but I was watching that…

Andres- When have you ever made anything you’ve seen on the Food Network?  WHEN?

Me-  Oh and your going to outer space?  With the money you win on Cash Cab you’re going to outer space!


I’ve read that in order to have a successful blog you should have a desire to network.  Understandable.  Makes sense, so I set about to do exactly that.  Here’s a small recap of my hour long blog tour.

➙Click, point, click-Does she really expect me to read 10 paragraphs about her tomato plants?  NOT!  BTW Organic produce is only impressive when you over pay for it.

➙Click, point, click-Let me get this straight. You’re making dinner, photographing every step from every angle, posting the play by play, while your 5 beloved kids are doing… what? 

➙Click, point, click-  What’s with all this witness protection program s___t?  An alias for your baby! Really? Okay.

The blogs I like, are a lot like the books I like.  Short, funny, with lots of pictures, like this one☞Best Blog Ever!  Think I’ll like yours?  Hola at your girl!

It’s been three day since we discovered him.  Three days since he sent my husband gliding across the living room floor on his tippy toes.  “Ah hem honey, according to your MANual you should be reaching for a broom or shovel, yeah, there’s no mention in here of a sissy dance ”


The fact is neither one of us want to kill it.  Correction -killing okay.  Disposing of the remains-not okay.  Why can’t I  just pack him a sandwich and escort him out the front door?  I’d like that.   My husband on the other hand, would probably prefer to see him teach me how to cook by standing on my head and pulling my hair. Cue the French accordion music, I think he’s sticking around ♫♪♬

Every time I get one of these colds where I can’t smell or taste anything I think, Now would be a great time for me to have a big bag of raw broccoli for breakfast.  It’s too bad I didn’t have one on hand.  Had plenty of these though


Baby discovers the straw and the fizzy bubbly stuff that flows threw it.

MO’OM Grandpa is trying to arrest my development

Give it up old man!

  I win



Thursday, June 5th- fourth day without a frothy, fizzy, yummy Coke.  I have a perpetual headache. I hear a constant ringy, buzzy noise.  I’m cranky and sluggish…(I was before).  

Deprivation has lead to recent discovery.  French water, fizzy water, flat water, minerally water BLOWS!  All of it. BLOWS!  Have sneaking suspicion that I’m about to fall of the wagon.    

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