Our 8 week search for a second car has finally ended.   I took my dads advice and shopped private-party before visiting a dealership and I have to say it was an adventure I don’t look forward to taking again. Come along☟

1st prospective buy- 1998 Subaru station wagon in San Diego 

Price- $2,500 obo, $1,200 below KBB

Seller Rob- 20-something,  claimed the car was clean, priced well, and well worth the 2 hour drive.  We met at the curb outside his home, and by his home I mean the car, because he was clearly living in it.  PASS!

2nd prospective buy- 1999 Subaru station wagon in Redlands

Price- $3,000 obo $800 below KBB

Seller Jared-20-something, surfer type.  He met us in swim trunks and flip flops and because I’m confident my husband won’t read this I have to say Mama likee!  in the parking lot of his apartment complex.  Clean car, as described, priced well, the catch☞ we had to leave him a deposit and let him keep the car until he left for Texas the following week.  PASS!

3rd prospective buy- 1999 Honda Accord in Temecula

price- $3,000 FIRM, No Low Ballerzz???

Seller Ted-20-something, very blingy, lots of hair gel, maybe a gold tooth, this type. We met in the Albertsons parking lot.  The car looked like it may have been spray painted 15 minutes before we arrived, but the low miles were a plus.  ” Pink slip?” 

” Yeah about that…I don’t have it on me but I’ll bring it to your home tommorrow.”  Mm hmm is that before or after the sheriff tows the stolen car from our driveway?  PASS!

4th prospective buy 1998 Acura CL in Indio

Price $2,500 obo, $2,000 below KBB!

Seller Alicia and Mike-30-somethings, married, with a BIG puppy dog.  She’s Polish and lovely, he’s mid-western but without the obnoxious accent.  They invite the 5 of us in to their new home, offer water, and popsicles for the kids.  Their decor says they’ve been to Africa once or twice, and that’s always impressive.  They offer to keep the kids while we take the car out for a drive.  WHO DOES THAT?   I didn’t take them up on their offer, but for a fleeting moment I envisioned the two of us ditching the kids, the mini van, and boarding the next flight to Malawia, for our own African decor, and maybe one of those hip Madonna babies.

They let us have the car for $2,000 cash, which they didn’t even count.  They drew up a bill of sale that said we payed $500 so we could save on taxes.  The car is nice, NOT a mini van, and made the drive home from Indio in tact.  

It was 101 degrees at 9pm at Alicia and Mikes house, which may explain their lack of neighbors but I’d love to fill that role.  They were that kind of people, good, blog worthy, and apparently completely unaware of the Kelley Blue Book value of their car.  SCORE!


I like things.   I obsess about one thing at a time.  I think about whatever “it” is endlessly, until “it” materializes in my life.  Then I forget it.  Done.  Forgotten.  It was never a part of my life.  

My latest, and priciest obsession to date is a Subaru.  

The station wagon?  The station wagon.  

How un-sexy is that?

It has everything to do with their latest ad campaign, I’m easily influenced that way.  I’ve already pictured myself loading my groceries in the spacious trunk, and fantasized about our drive to Tahoe.  

Eventually, I’ll blog about my new to me Subaru, and you’ll furrow your brow and think Is she bragging about a Subaru?  Yeah a Subaru.  I’m why sexy left.


A few years back the Speed Channel dissapeared of the face of our t.v.  My husband, the only Formula 1 fan in the country, was devastated.  I on the other hand, was tickled.  It was one of those moments when you look to the sky, wink and say “Wow Jesus, you really are my homie.”


Well it seems my homie finally realized my husband’s the better Christian, because he gave him his Speed Channel back this weekend.  Arg! I can just picture the two of them doing the Shake and Bake.