Box of Kleenex ✔

Chinese/ English Dictionary ✔

Small American, Mexican, Colombian flags ✔✔✔

I’m ready!  I can’t wait to hear about the athlete that worked at Home Depot while training for the Olympics, supporting his mother, obtaining his Masters all without the support of his dead beat dad.  I’m ready to see the overwhelming joy in every moms eyes as they cheer their kids on in the stands, and I can’t wait for the opening ceremonies.  The cool outfits,the flags, the pride, the lighting of the torch.

Few people get exited about the Olympics anymore, but I love it.  I cry, I cheer, I cry some more.  By day 2 I’m like Crap is this still on!, but come closing ceremony I’m sad it’s over. 

Happy Hour☟

It probably isn’t wise of me to send the 2 readers I have away, but this was one of the best posts I’ll probably ever read.  It’s called I Miss U Pluto by Happy Hour Sue.  Very smart, and funny.  I’m sick I didn’t write it.  I don’t get any margaritas from Sue, I just want to share her brilliance. I hope you enjoy the Olympics, Happy Hour and your weekend.