A while back I joked about my sons being the future Jonas Brothers.  The truth is, I would never feel comfortable exploiting my children that way.  Placing them on display for the whole world to judge.   It makes me sick.  Just sick.  That said, I don’t even know why I keep comparing them.  Frankly, my kids have more talent in their diapers than all those Jonas boys combined.  It’s the truth.  

I can make you wait until their first album drops in 10 years to prove it, but what kind of host would I be?  Please indulge me by watching 30 seconds of the mind blowing talent that is my sons… do yourself a favor and stick around for the baby’s big finish (reminds me of my “working the cage” days).  


* For the record I never ever worked the cage… I don’t even know what that means really… I’m why sexy left.


 When I suggested Aaron could grow up to be a fireman at his birthday party☟, our young guests were quick to correct me.  ” NO! He’s going to be a Jonas brother!”   Now that I know how much money they make who they are, I have to say that I’m completely smitten with the idea.

 I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I happen to be the proud mother of 3 boys , which would make the three of them brothers. I  assume that the young girls based their suggestion  on this fact alone, little do they know my boys are riddled with talent.  

Important Disclaimer☞This may be one of those clips that only I find cute, because I’m his mother.


Get in line little girls, get in line!