I know how much you spend on a movie ticket; it’s why I keep my 3 kids out of the theater.  Your welcome. Luckily my husband happens to have an exclusive membership to Le DVD Planet.  Which means I can watch any movie he picks in the “comfort” of our home.  This week he selected the latest chick flick for my viewing enjoyment.  Bless his heart.  


Commence Operation Watch a Movie☞ 

Step 1- Convince the baby to take a nap 

Step 2- Loose the other two

Step 3-Pry whatever Pixar movie has been on continuous loop for the past three days out of the dvd player 

It’s an event to say the least; translation☞ This movie better be good.


It’s not.  Hillary Swank?  She’s the cross dressing lesbian, the million dollar baby, NOT Meg Ryan! Tough sell; but he’s thoroughly enjoying it, so I play along. When it’s all over he navigates back to the main menu to view the extra crap, that was cut from the crap crap.  That means he really liked it!  “Hey honey You know how I know your gay…”