HellooOOH!  Anyone?  Nobody?… Hmm, strange.  Must be at the Star Wars premiere… but that’s only 5 hours tops.  What about the rest of the weekend?  Where does the blogosphere go?  Do you honestly expect me to believe you’re leaving for the Hamptons?  Jogging with McConaughey in the Bu?  Liar!  Malibu has a strict No Blogger policy.  

I have fun family time, church, errands,parties but that only accounts for 5 hours, 6 at most.  The rest of the time I sit here occasionally glancing at my new limb, waiting for a fresh post, wondering where you’ve gone.  If I had to guess I’d say you were-

  • Photoshopping some old vacation pics for Mondays post entitled Wild Waikiki Weekend
  • Downloading the latest widgets designed to maximize your blogging pleasure extremely to the max
  • Sitting at your computer wondering where everyone has gone

If you should happen to relate with the latter, I’d like to hear your theory on where all the geeks have gone.  Together we can solve this mystery.